The University of Swansea

The University of Swansea, gelegen in Wales, Groot-Brittannië, verzorgt uitwisselingen met scholen in en om Siavonga. Een van de scholen die ze steunen is Bbakasa Basic School. ProjectsNow en Swansea werken bij gelegenheid samen.

“We believe that each child has within them a talent and our objective is to help each child we support to achieve their full potential in life through access to good secondary schools in their communities and where possible to go on to university or other tertiary education, who otherwise would not have the opportunity of education.’ As a partnership, we believe school links between Swansea and Siavonga are a great opportunity for both schools involved, with the following benefits:

•   Increasing young people’s understanding of global issues.
•   A chance to equip young people with skills and knowledge to become active global citizens.
•   Ensuring young people’s commitment to a fairer, more sustainable world.

We are excited about the school links that we have established already and are pleased to confirm that we have been successful in making a Swansea Siavonga school link for Bbakasa Basic school with the Waun Wen Primary School in Swansea. This will be an exciting 3-way link with ProjectsNow and we are very happy to be part of it and hope that it will develop into substantial benefits for all concerned.