Andy Anderson

ProjectsNow zou haar werk in Zambia nooit kunnen doen zonder de inspanningen van Andy Anderson. Andy werkt in het dagelijks leven als architect in Lusaka, de hoofdstad van Zambia. Daarnaast coördineert hij alle projecten die we opzetten. Hij heeft de panden die we hebben gebouwd ontworpen en stuurt de aannemer aan die de panden bouwt of renoveert. Hier zijn eigen verhaal over zijn en onze verrichtingen in Zambia.
“Andy Anderson,

our driving force in Zambia”


‘A league of its own’

It is interesting and encouraging that as a result of all the efforts of ProjectsNow, teaching staff queue up to be posted to Bbakasa Basic School. There are excellent teaching facilities with proper desks supplied by ProjectsNow, really good teacher accommodation and an excellent library in the making. This particular facility will place Bbakasa Basic School in a league of its own in the District.

The ProjectsNow intention of turning Bbakasa Basic School into a model for the district, if not the country, has rubbed off on the teaching staff and pupils.
A floating trophy for the top pupil of the year has given the students a simple target to aspire to. There is also encouragement with presentation by ProjectsNow of school satchels, teaching aids such as white boards, and, of course, more and more English books for the Library.

Water, key to a green school

Perhaps the most significant objective is to have a GREEN school. Before ProjectsNow paid for a fence around the school precinct, the cattle and goats wandered through the school area and literally entered the classrooms, all with quite disgusting results. Now the precinct of four or more acres is fenced, the livestock cannot enter and the greening programme is underway with trees sponsored by ProjectsNow.

ProjectsNow has had the impact of upgrading an overcrowded, run down set of classrooms and teachers housing to a point where there now exists a launching pad for the model school we all aspire to. ProjectsNow has made all the difference. Without ProjectsNow involvement, Bbakasa Basic School would have sunk under the weight of poor facilities and understaffed demoralized teachers. Instead, poor facilities cannot be blamed for poor teaching, which is now improving in leaps and bounds, with motivated teaching staff who are now collectively seeking ways to produce top rate students.

With extreme competition to move on from Grade 7 to Secondary School, the key is to get the English reading levels up to the highest level. The hope is that with solar power we can turn the Library into a media centre with audiovisual teaching aids focusing on teaching English.

The Community, the PTA and the teaching staff are all doing their best for Bbakasa Basic School and are fueled and fired up by the ProjectsNow initiatives. It has the makings of a winning team in the future. Watch this space for results. Support for Bbakasa School continues.

Andy Anderson